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Civil Engineering  Transportation Engineering II
Title: Transportation Engineering II
Department: Civil Engineering
Author: Prof. Rajat Rastogi
University: IIT Roorkee
Type: video
Abstract: Introduction to Transportation Engineering ( 4 lectures )

? Elements of Transportation Engineering (e.g.: vehicle, dr iver, way, terminal, and control)
? Transportation modes
? Development and transportation
? Various aspects of transportation engineering (e.g., pavement design, traffic engineering, transport planning, public transportation, etc.)

Layout, Orientation, and Geometric Design (12 lectures )

? Geometric Design of highways and railways (e.g., horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, etc.)
? Geometry of hill roads
? Orientation of runways, and geometry of taxiways
? Curve layout

Pavements and Rail Tracks (12 lectures )

? Types of pavements
? Analysis and design of flexible pavements
? Pavement drainage
? Construction and maintenance of flexible pavements
? Introduction to design of rail tracks

Traffic Engineering ( 7 lectures )

? Parameters characterizing traffic flow (e.g. density, speed, flow)
? Data collection techniques for traffic parameters and delay studies
? Introduction to traffic flow theory (including description of speed-density, speed-flow, and flow density relations)
? Introductions to concept of capacity and level of service

Transportation and the Environment (5 lectures )

Course Outline for Transportation II

Overview of Transportation ( I3 lectures )

? Basic concepts of pavement analysis and design
? Basic concepts of traffic engineering

Pavements (12 lectures )

? Cement as a pavement material
? Analysis and design of rigid pavements
? Design of runways, taxiways, apron, etc.
? Construction of rigid pavements
? Quality control in pavement construction
? Comparative study of rigid versus flexible pavements
? Modern materials in pavements

Traffic Engineering (12 lectures )

? Theory of uninterrupted and interrupted traffic flow
? Delay analysis
? Capacity and level-of-service analysis for various facilities
? Design of traffic facilities (like, expressways, channelization, unsignalized and signalized intersections, airport circulation, parking facilities, etc.)

Travel demand analysis and transportation planning (10 lectures )

? The planning process
? Sequential demand analysis
? Models of trip generation, distribution, traffic assignment, and modal split

Transportation economics ( 3 lectures )
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